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Shop Design

The layout, design and look of your store can have a huge impact on your business.  It is important that your space flows, you don’t want to give your customers a reason to visit a competitor!  It needs to be practical so people can find what they need, but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing, so people are happy to browse and maybe purchase additional items.


Think about the path your customers take when they enter your store, can they navigate their way easily?  Does the space flow or do customers have to double back on themselves?  If possible, draw a floorplan to help visualise the space you have.

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Drawing a floor plan is vital to help you visualise the space you have, what you can fit in and how to make the most of your customers’ shopping experience from a bird’s eye view.

When measuring an entire room, take into consideration fixed items such as; doorways, windows, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, access to power points, ceiling height.  Also consider space in aisles to allow free flow of customers and potentially trolleys.  Allow extra space around your register for customers to queue.  If possible, draw a floorplan to help visualise the space you have.  You can draw a very accurate plan which you can play around with using Smart Draw, click below.


Planning is everything!


Consider your target customers and what their requirements are and how you might attract them with; fixtures and fittings, attractive displays, bright lighting, a logical layout. Can you tempt them with ‘specials’ before they make it to the checkout? 


Have you thought about visual merchandising?  Is there a theme or style you’d like to incorporate? Contemporary, traditional, rustic. Have you thought about using sustainable materials?


There are so many inexpensive ideas to make your space look modern or industrial, such as clothes/accessory rails hanging from the ceiling by ropes or chains, using wooden pallets on walls, incorporating bare brick walls into the design, using copper or metal pipes to hang things from, wicker baskets.  Natural materials can give an organic feel.  The sky's the limit!


Is your branding clear and consistent?  Brand identity is increasingly important, identifying yourself from your competitors.


It’s important that your products or services are lit well, whether that’s overhead, uplighters or downlighting.  Lighting can also be used to create an ambient atmosphere for targeted products or displays.


There are so many options, from low key acrylic stands, to hanging signs or ‘in your face’ neon signage.

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Consumer Psychology

It may sound like mumbo jumbo, but gaining knowledge about what triggers consumers to spend money is very valid when thinking about your layout. People don’t like to feel as if they’re missing out on something and urgent situations cause most of us to make quick decisions. This can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Hold a flash sale on a specific product near your counter, use language like “only 10 left in stock” or “limited edition” so the buyer knows they need to act fast!


Measuring Success

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