Refrigerated Shop Shelving:
Why is it Important?

If you’re hoping to improve your store’s functionality and overall look, refrigerated shop shelving is something you should consider. Keeping your cold items fresh, chilled or frozen, and out for display is essential for selling as many products as possible and, therefore, improving your business. Luckily, there are plenty of different types of refrigerated shop shelving for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your store.

Crystal acrylic shelf

Acrylic display stands are often used to enhance traditional refrigerated shelving. The shiny, crystal shelves ensure certain products, such as best-sellers, are at the centre of attention to increase recognition and sales.

PVC coated wire shelf

This is the most popular type of refrigerated shop shelving as it is the most cost-effective. The shape and style can be customised and made into baskets or shelf dividers. Its versatility lends itself well to use  in glass door mini coolers as well as  upright display fridges and freezers.

Stainless steel shelf

As the name suggests, these shelves are made from stainless steel, offering one of the more durable and sturdy refrigerated shelving solutions. Great for stores selling heavy refrigerated products, the shelving layout can also be customised.

Wooden shelf

Wooden shelving solutions are most commonly used in bottle shops. They are shockproof and have excellent moisture absorption properties, making them ideal for protecting the integrity of alcohol like fine wines.

Chrome shelf

A chrome shelf is a wire shelf with a chrome-plated finish. Whilst it may appear the same as stainless steel shelving, it has an extra sparkle to its appearance. This makes  it perfect for attracting attention to a store’s more precious products, such as its best-sellers.  

Metal rack

Metal racks are not the most visually appealing type of refrigerated shelving butthey are one of the most practical. The heavy-duty shelving means it’s durable enough to hold big, bulky loads –  so you can stack everything on! This style of shelving is also adjustable and most commonly used for open-air refrigerators designed to pack on the products.

Wave wire wine rack shelf

Designed explicitly for bottle shops, the wave wire wine rack shelf is the most popular flat-lying wine rack shelving solution. The actual material is a chrome-plated wire thatallows you to preserve your wine to the best quality while displaying the product beautifully.

Refrigerated shop shelving for all your needs

We sell different types of refrigerated shop shelving to shop owners, retailers, and shopfitters. From stainless steel shelves to PVC-coated wire shelves, we have the perfect refrigerated shelving solutions for both small and large businesses alike. For bulk orders and trade prices, please contact us.

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