Types of Retail Shop Shelving

Display shelving for retail stores is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling your goods. There are so many effective ways to utilise retail shop shelving, which may differ based on the size of a store and the product being sold. But, with so many different types of retail shop shelving, you’re bound to find one that suits your shop. Here are some of our favourite types for you to consider.

End bays

If you’re a retail shop owner, it’s guaranteed you’ve heard of end bays. These units sit at 90-degree angles at the end of a shelving run. They are mainly used to display promo offers as it’s easy to arrange products facing towards the shop-front without taking up all the space! Even better, they draw attention and are eye-catching. End bays are also extremely functional, with back panels which help keep the products from falling.

Gondola shelving

Gondola display retail shelves are one of the more modern forms of retail shop shelving. Perfect for an easy and effective refresh of product displays, gondola shelving is a movable shelving unit that is super easy to assemble and also interchangeable with accessories such as hooks and wire baskets with dividers. So no matter what your store sells, gondola shelving is bound to keep your shop looking fresh and exciting for any customer. 

Wall shelving

Nothing beats the original retail shopping shelving solution—wall shelving. Wall shelving, whether a wooden retail display shelf or glass display shelves, is a great way to display products and maximise the retail space. Wall shelving is fixed onto walls with mounted brackets, which means it’s perfect if you’re selling large and heavy products that need a durable shelf. Saving space and providing a neat, finished look, wall shelving is the preferred retail shop shelving solution for most shops—and for a good reason, too!

Baskets, dump bins, and containers

Never underestimate the power of accessories to widen the scope of what can be displayed on the shelves in a shop. Accessories such as wire baskets and containers are great for displaying loose items or small packaged items. Dump bins are another simple way to display small objects—they are small containers usually placed on counters, encouraging that last-minute purchase!

Pegboard shelving

Pegboard shelving is a base shelf with a heavy-duty panel that has perforated back panels. To create an eye-catching and functional display, pegboard hooks are used to create hanging space. We love these shelves because they are versatile, as peg hooks can be fitted at various heights, ensuring the product being sold is displayed with the necessary space. 

Display shelving

Display shelving is the way to go for shop owners who have a product they really want to showcase, and is great because it comes in all shapes and sizes. One example is a tiered display table, perfect for showing off your best-selling products and providing your customers with a sublime retail-shopping experience. Luckily for you, if you work in retail, display tables come in different designs, so you can choose one that best fits the products and overall store design. 

Refrigerated shelving units

Depending on what a store sells, refrigerated shelving units are a practical and attractive type of retail shop shelving. Made from stainless steel with glass fronts, they are durable and allow shoppers to get a good view inside!

Choosing effective types of retail shop shelving that suit your store is essential for making the shopping experience easy and comfortable, whilst also giving the shop owner the best shot at selling their products. If you own a shop, consider the size of your store, your products, and your customers’ needs to pick the right shelving solution or solutions.

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