Tips For Selecting The Right Gondola Shelving System

What is gondola shelving? 

Gondola shelves are the shelves we see in supermarkets and departmental stores holding the products on display. They are self-standing built with strong support. These shelves ought to be powerful enough to hold maximum items on sale. They are generally long and wide with nearly 3 to 4 racks.

These shelves are preferred over any other because of the durability and presence that it offers. The long racks can hold all products of its kind, which makes it easier for the customers to figure out their needs and requirements. These shelves require less space to stand and spare most of the area for the customers and dealers. They are made stiff enough to avoid instances where products after products fall due to any motion. This can be embarrassing and not healthy for the reputation of the store.

Most of the busy stores prefer the installation of gondola shelves as they seem convenient enough compared to the other form of shelves. With the increase in the number of stores these days, the demand for gondola shelves has increased exponentially. With that, the varieties manufacturers offered have now become huge and wide. This leads to extreme confusion among the buyers.

Let us learn about some of the tips on selecting the right gondola shelving system:

1. Learn about its material – The material of the shelving has a lot to do with its efficiency. If the material tends to stick liquids that come to its way and mark stains, then it is probably not right for departmental stores. These stores generally have liquid items on display, and a spill of these liquids on the shelf can have it a stain forever. Stained shelves look very filthy and unprofessional. To avoid such circumstances, get a shelf made up of waterproof and stainless materials.

2. Check the flexibility – These shelves are meant to be flexible for easy maintenance and shifting. However, flexibility has nothing to do with weakness. If you buy weak shelves of lighter weight, then it might cost you less initially, but in the long term, it is likely to cost you troubles. If a smaller shelf falls on a customer due to rough interaction, the consequences might get very stressful. Prefer strong shelving with wheels or other ways for shifting.

3. Optimize the height – If people with an average height in a place inherit your store, then you can go for tall shelves. However, if your store lies in a place where generally women and children come for shopping, then opt for smaller shelves. Smaller shelves are more comfortable than taller ones, whereas more towering shelves provide more space within a confined area. If the store has got employees who fetch the products, then a tall shelf would work perfectly. Smaller shelves work better if you want to have a proper display of your products at the hands of the customers.

4. Check the review – Going through reviews will probably help you figure out the right gondola shelving for you. You may find people having similar contemplations and find solutions to your problem.

5. Check for holes and hooks Go for shelves with holes and hooks for hanging items that require a proper display. This is a very witty strategy for shopkeepers.

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