Six Point-of-sale Counter Ideas to Max Out Your Merchandise Checkout Space

Aside from getting people in the door to shop, your checkout area is perhaps the most important customer touch point in your store. Think about it — there are so many opportunities to invite a last-minute impulse purchase, as well as to create an environment that is inviting to return to. Being clever with your point-of-sale counter merchandising can truly level up your sales strategy in retail — so we’ve assembled six handy tips to make your space stand out from the pack.

Counter Ideas to Max Out Your Merchandise Checkout Space

1. In it to win it

A quick and easy way to encourage customer engagement at your point-of-sale counter is by running a competition. Provide a high-value prize and get people to sign up to your mailing list for a shot at winning. This creates excitement that can further your brand, as well as expands your electronic database for further marketing opportunities. Not into competitions? You can utilise the space for a suggestions box to encourage shoppers to provide valuable feedback.

2. The spirit of giving

Because your checkout is prime real estate for further engaging your customers, why not double-down on that engagement (and your sales) with gift cards? Using a business card holder, clearly display your gift card options for purchase alongside any store loyalty cards you have. Brochure holders can also be a good addition to your checkout space — you can create grab-and-go content with updates about store specials or extra information.

3. A last-minute sprint

You don’t need a marketing degree to know that a lot of split-second decisions are made at the checkout. Use this information to your advantage by displaying clear countertop dump bins filled with low-value, high-turnover impulse items. The power of an impulse purchase cannot be overstated — don’t write these products off as useless! If each customer is tempted by a little extra value for a bargain price, those numbers really start to reflect in your overall sales. 

4. Keep it tiered

One of the best visual merchandising tips we can pass on is embracing the art of tiers. Using tiered tabletob shelf stands will maximise your precious counter space, allowing you to display stock clearly in an organised and uncluttered way. As previously mentioned, the checkout is a prime position for those last-minute impulse purchases — so using this more refined display gives you the opportunity to market higher-end products that customers still might be swayed into buying. You can also leverage trust and familiarity by showcasing stock from well-known brands here, as shoppers might be less inclined to buy a name they don’t know.

5. Do it digitally

If you have the budget for it, expanding into digital display can be a very smart marketing move for your checkout space. You can use digital screens to present high-quality advertising graphics or video, as well as entertain queuing shoppers. Touchscreens and tablet stands provide even further opportunities for engaging your customers, inviting participation while keeping your branding and products top of mind. It’s a cross-channel marketing and sales goldmine. 

6. Communicate with customers

In point-of-sale marketing, often the simplest approach can be the most effective. Using a countertop poster holder to display branded messaging about sales, products and initiatives is an affordable marketing tool. A huge benefit is being able to switch out your messaging as often as you like, promoting special deals or social media handles. There are several affordable display options for your point-of-sale counter that you can use — freestanding acrylic poster holders have a sleek and professional appearance, while mini-chalkboards give off a more homestyle, kitschy feel.

Hot tips for your point-of-sale marketing display

According to research on impulse buying, retailers have a better shot at shifting stock if they focus on marketing emotionally appealing, lower-priced items. Little essentials like cosmetics, batteries and small gifts are also a great checkout option, as they have broad appeal across different demographics and can often be forgotten when shoppers are browsing the store. 


If you’re a larger retailer, don’t discount the power of self-service checkouts! These areas need clever merchandising to target busy shoppers who are in a rush — focus on quick and convenient shopping items that time-poor people might need (or forget in their usual shop). If you merchandise these at your checkout counter, you can nab those customers who crave convenience.

Finally, be sure to put thought into your queueing area as well as your point-of-sale counter. Waiting customers can get bored, so it’s a prime opportunity to engage them with your in-queue merchandising displays. Max your chances of converting stock into sales by focusing on material that is targeted towards a last-minute grab-and-go decision.

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