Sell More with Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelves are the most sold types of retail shelves. A great all-around solution for storing and displaying products of all sizes, the versatility of gondola shelving has made them ubiquitous in retail stores. But are the gondolas in your shop working to their full potential? Read on to find out how to maximise your gondola shelving units to drive sales and increase UPT.

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Lean into the seasons

Tap into the seasonal needs of your shoppers by displaying the most popular products for the current month in your gondola units. Thanks to their easily adaptable shelving, changing the layout, height or dimensions of gondola displays is a breeze. Consider adding a different colour back panel, swapping shelves for hooks, pegs or baskets, and adding shelf dividers to split up arrangements. A small investment in gondola shelving accessories will allow you to put the spotlight on the right products at the right time. Showcase umbrellas in autumn, beanies in winter, travel accessories in spring and hats in summer next to the counter and see your IPC rise in the end-of-month sales report.

Increase your surface area

Gondolas are also a smart solution to solve the problem of shortage in space. Their pegboard system is ideal for adding more shelving surfaces when needed. If you have a sudden influx of products, in just a few minutes, you can increase your available shelving and display the entire range. Customers won’t buy what they can’t see — with gondola shelving units, it’s easy to put your entire product range on view. Just keep in mind that the display needs to look orderly and not be overcrowded.

Make an impact where it matters

A new range is dropping in store? Move your gondola shelves where the new products will be placed for an eye-catching and colourful promotional launch. Want to sell out of sale stock faster? Use endcaps gondola units to increase the visibility of the reduced stock. Unhappy with your best sellers’ recent trend? Stock the gondola with them and place it in a high-traffic area to see them fly off the shelf.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of leaving the store layout as is since it’s working well enough, but the true worth of gondola shelving units lies in their maneuverability. Moving gondolas through the store depending on your current sales objectives and marketing goals is a surefire way to increase front-end sales.

Tap into impulse buying

You can also strategically position your gondolas to cause impulse buying. The correct location for the time of day and product choice can make a noticeable difference to your bottom line. For example, if you have placed “purpose products” (those items that make it to grocery lists and husband-wife texts) at the back of the store, make sure your clients walk past a gondola chocked full of delicious indulgences. To have a better chance at successfully encouraging impulse buying, ensure that the gondola unit is brightly lit and that you don’t accidentally create a dark display when moving it to a new location.

Trial and error leads to success

It can be hard to nail these sales strategies, so a trial and error approach is the best way forward. Because gondolas are so easy to move and adjust, you don’t have to stay fixated on the same layout or approach. With new reports, trends, consumers’ research and products available at all times, regularly trial new practices in your store — you never know what might work.


Want to see if you can drive add-ons at the point of sale? Place gondolas next to the counters and load them with small things and inexpensive everyday products. Have you identified two products to cross-merchandise but don’t want to commit to an entire store overhaul? Use gondola units for a tester before you permanently rearrange the placement of your products.

Get creative

Old boring displays hold little to no interest to your customers. Bright, colourful, layered shows are the attraction-grabber displays you need to sell more. While your gondola shelving comes in an industrial, basic shape, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Install different colours back walls, spray paint them or embellish them with full-length decals. Regularly update the layout by moving shelves, trays, lights and panels to create a multitiered, visually intricate display. Add flashy signage on top or use on-shelf VM accessories to make the new display pop. Allow your imagination and creativity free rein and see what a difference a stand-out gondola bay can make to your financial report.

Watch your bottom line rise

These gondolas might not take to the sky like the skiing ones, but we hope that adopting some of these best practices will make your sales soar. For more tips on gondola shelving, you can also read our ultimate gondola shelving guide or chat with one of our friendly and experienced team members.

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