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Shelf Brackets with Hooks


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Shelving Systems shelf brackets are a heavy duty stamped unit, using 2.5mm thick plate as standard, although heavy duty versions are available.
They are available in either a one position (Flat) mount, 2 hook/2 position type or 3 hook/3 position type.

Multi Angled brackets are designed to be fitted flat, then 15 degree angle down for 2& 3 hook, then 30 degree angle down for 3 hook only.
You need to order the bracket length to match the shelf depth you are ordering.

They have a locking mechanism at the front of the shelf and the back of the shelf to hold the shelf in place. This also stops the front edge of the shelf lifting up if knocked.

All standard colours and sizes are available.

Weight 5.0 kg

250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm


Black, Hammertone, White

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