Extension Pole Clik-Clik

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Clik Clik Extender Pole #11702 1.4M to 2.4M

One Button Pole

The One Button Pole is a sturdy 2 section, 1 push button telescopic extension pole with a fiberglass handle.

It closes to 1.4m and opens to 2.4m.  Using the reach of the body, the fully extended One Button Pole can meet the metal on ceilings with a height of 3.96m.

The One Button Pole is used to extend the reach of a person, making it easy to attach and remove display from the ceiling while standing on the floor.

Clik Clik Extension Pole 1.4M to 2.4M

To use with Dual Magnet Mover

Weight 1.0 kg
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