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Black Double Sided 1500mm height, 930mm width, shelf width 350mm



The Shelving Systems double sided Shelving system is designed to be built as an aisle bay in the center of your store. It is free standing.

It comes in a variety of colours and sizes from 1200mm high through to 2400mm high. In widths from 600mm, 900mm, & 1200mm and shelf depths from 300mm to 600mm.

You might want to use a single sided bay or a feature end to finish of each bay run, from previous post.
The post profile is 30mm x 70mm and the pitch is 50mm. Standard tube thickness is 1.5mm but thicker tube is available if you need a heavier duty system.

Metal shelves are provided with this system and the base shelf depth varies and the number of upper shelves is determined by the bay height.

Weight 39.52 kg
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