Barrel, Tubs & Pails

For a rustic, charming, simple, and cost-effective display option, it’s high time you explored the world of barrels, tubs, and pails. These specific vessels are a great solution for bulk storage, display, and a host of other applications. Mini pails are a hospitality fixture, most instantly recognisable as the perfect vessel for holding cutlery for hungry diners. You can purchase smaller sizes to make up individual cutlery and condiment kits to set on tables, or go bigger and store your rolled cutlery sets at a main counter for collection.

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If you are looking for a way to effectively display grab-and-go chilled stock, a beverage tub could be the perfect solution for your space. Available in both a metallic and a copper finish, our beverage tubs boast a generous capacity and depth, meaning that all you need is some ice, some cold stock, and an event to run. For smaller venues looking at running something above their usual capacity, beverage tubs are a great temporary solution for keeping large amounts of drinks cooled and ready to serve.

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