Printed Signs & Notices

Our wide range of signs are able to clearly communicate some of the most important messages to your customers – whether you need a no smoking sign, a wash hands sign, or an open/closed sign, we’ve got you covered! Other messaging that we offer includes made in Australia signage, no entry signs, staff only signs, surveillance warning signs, and handy adjustable “be back soon” signs – these are ideal for smaller businesses whose staff may operate alone at times and need to communicate how long they intend to be gone for (for lunch breaks, errands, bathroom breaks and so on).

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When it comes to important legal and safety messaging in your retail store, hospitality space, or general business, clarity and visibility are crucial. Shop Supplies has done the hard work for you, offering up a range of dynamic printed shop signs and notices for your convenience. Clear printed signs can save both operators and patrons from costly mistakes or unexpected fines, not to mention keep everyone in the area safe or even sometimes deter criminal activity.

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