Shelf Management Solutions

Looking for simple, innovative, and affordable shop shelf management solutions? Shop Supplies has got you covered. Our range of shelving systems is made up of products that are designed to be customisable to your needs, suitable for the smallest and most delicate stock through to the heavier items that need maximum support.

Our different shop shelf management systems are supplied with either wire drop-in shelves or MDF edged shelves depending on your preference. These materials help with the ease of assembly, but it doesn’t mean we compromise on quality – the materials are extremely heavy-duty and made to last. Because the materials are supplied in component form, the shelf levels are completely up to you – you can adjust according to your stock. The punched holes for clipping in the beams are located discreetly at the rear of the frame, giving a clean and finished look from the front.

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1) What shelf management solution is right for you?

If you are grappling with shelf management solutions and aren’t sure which direction to go in, it’s best to ask yourself some key questions. What sort of products do you sell? What volume of stock do you have? What kind of retailer are you — a supermarket, a pharmacy, or a lifestyle goods store? Taking into account what you are trying to sell and the amount of space you have in which to sell it will unlock valuable insights into the right shelf management solution for your store.

At Shop Supplies. our range of shelving systems has been curated to include fully customisable products — because we understand that everyone’s retail and storage needs are different. We stock shelf management solutions that are suitable for all manner of stock, from small and fragile items up to heavier loads that require additional load-bearing support.

2) How much weight can a shelf hold?

Much like the age-old question “How long is a piece of string?”, the weight capacity of a shelf depends on several factors. Things like length, depth, the material it’s made from, and what bracing mechanisms are in place can all affect the load a shelf can bear. Shop Supplies has a wide range of shelving solutions available to suit your needs — from more delicate yet still durable options ideal for lightweight stock, to reinforced metal shelving that is tailor-made for heavy loads.

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