Multiglide Shelving Dividers

Keeping a drinks fridge looking neat, tidy, and well-stocked is an important part of visual merchandising – and multiglide shelving dividers can help you achieve all of this with minimal effort. Shelf dividers are a must-have for any retailer who stocks chilled drinks, as they keep your stock from co-mingling and getting stuck in the back of the fridge. At Shop Supplies, our clear shelf dividers are an in-demand item thanks to their practicality and innovative design.

Commercial shelf dividers are the ideal drink fridge merchandising system. With the addition of a gravity-fed mat, each divider simply clips into its own place. The clear dividers are made from the finest PVC that is designed to stay clear without fading, so you won’t have to deal with murky finishes compromising your display over time. The multiglide breakable divider system is also a breeze to install, so you can enjoy the benefits of a full-looking fridge in seconds.

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