Gondola Shelving Signage

Our gondola shelving signage comes in both A3 and A4 sizes, as well as portrait (vertical) and horizontal (landscape) orientations for your convenience. Each gondola sign features acrylic sleeves so you can easily swap out your messaging and you aren’t stuck with the same creative – the only limit is your imagination. Our black, white, and metallic gondola signage easily slots on top of your double- or single-sided gondola shelving, ensuring that you can move it around to where it is needed most.

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We know that gondola shelving is one of the most popular and effective types of shelving for retail, but investing in gondola signage can take your display efforts to the next level. At Shop Supplies, we have curated a range of gondola signage and signage kits to help your products truly jump off the shelves. Gondola signage is especially handy for communicating messaging and urgency to your customers – whether you’re letting them know about a sale, a special discount, or some interesting additional product information.

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