Gondola Shelving Parts

One of the greatest benefits of using gondola shelving in your retail space is being able to take advantage of its customisability. Every retail space is unique, and every business wants to be able to stand out from its competitors. This is why Shop Supplies makes it a point to stock a wide range of gondola shelving parts – to give our customers the freedom to create displays that are tailor-made for their space.

Our range of gondola shelving accessories will take your shop fit-out to the next level without breaking the bank. Illuminate your stock with acrylic aisle lightboxes, take your display on the move with bay joiners, or pick up a side wings kit to really maximise your shelf space – we’ve got it all and more. Many of our gondola shelving parts are designed to turn your standard gondola shelving into a multi-purpose, hyper-functional display solution, so take a look around and explore the possibilities that a few well-placed accessories will afford you.

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