Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is a cost effective and sturdy, free standing, metal shelving system, which will adapt to whatever space you have and whatever industry you are in.  Gondola Shelving units use cantilevered shelves. These shelves extend from one or both sides of a rigid vertical back

Gondola bays can be updated and refreshed over time with additional accessories including; shelves, trays, lights, sign panels, side and end panels and our new exclusive range of sign holders that connect to the top of the unit.  This means that once you have purchased the gondola bay, you can customise it to suit your requirements with little effort and cost.

All our metal powder coated items are supplied with hard wearing Interpon Akzo Nobel powder coat for a great hard wearing and long lasting finish.

You can opt for different kinds of gondola bays that include double-sided gondola shelving and single-sided gondola for your shelving needs. We also offer gondola shelving parts separately.

Buy Gondola Shelves for your Commercial Space

Gondola shelving has now become a necessity in commercial spaces.  The design is robust, withstanding storage of those larger bulkier items.  The convenience offered by gondola racks is unparalleled. The demand has increased for bulk storage, and we are there to help out our customers with their storage needs.

Starter Bay

You can use this bay on its own or to start a run of several bays of gondola shelving.

Add On Bay

These bays  attach to your Starter Bay to create a run of two or more gondola bays.

Measuring for a gondola bay

The gondola bay is measured from the floor to the top of the gondola.  It has screw feet which allow an extra 50mm to allow for an uneven floor.

The base shelf depth is measured from the back panel to the front edge of the shelf.

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