Top-quality, high-performing commercial shelving is the ace in the hole of successful warehouses, hospitality venues and retail businesses. Having the best-quality commercial shelves and all the shelving supplies to keep your stock organised and well-presented is a sure-fire way to increase your profits.

Shop Supplies: Your Ultimate Destination for All Your Shelving Needs

In the fast-paced world of retail and warehousing, the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” couldn’t be more relevant. Good shelving isn’t just storage; it’s a strategic element that impacts your space utilisation, customer experience, and, ultimately, your profits. At Shop Supplies, we offer an extensive range of shelving options that not only meet your storage needs but also contribute to effective business operations.

Our Shelving Offerings

At Shop Supplies, we take immense pride in our broad range of shelving solutions that are crafted to meet the varying needs of businesses—from bustling retail environments to busy warehouses. Below, you’ll find an in-depth overview of what we offer to make your space both functional and visually appealing.

Wire & Metal Shelving

When it comes to durability and robustness, our wire and metal shelving units are second to none. Made from high-grade materials that withstand corrosion, these shelves are built to handle the heavy-duty requirements of daily business operations. Whether you’re storing bulky inventory or delicate items, you can trust our wire and metal options to bear the weight and endure wear and tear. Plus, the open-wire design allows for excellent air circulation, reducing dust build-up and making them a hygienic choice for food storage or medical supplies.

Gondola Shelving

In retail, maximising floor space and product visibility is crucial for success. Our gondola shelving solutions are expertly designed to fulfil both these needs. Available in a variety of heights, widths, and depths, you can seamlessly incorporate these into your store layout to create appealing and easily navigable aisles. With adjustable shelving and a plethora of accessory options, you can easily adapt these units to fit seasonal promotions or new product launches.

Cool Room Shelving

Designed for environments that require temperature control, such as butcheries, groceries, and restaurants, our cool room shelving offers the perfect blend of durability and maximum storage efficiency. Made from materials that won’t corrode or degrade in low temperatures, these units are engineered to withstand the unique demands of refrigerated storage while offering the convenience of adjustable shelves.

Shelving Bay with Wire Shelves

Offering the best of both worlds, our shelving bays with wire shelves are incredibly versatile solutions suitable for retail and warehouse settings. These are all-in-one units that are quick to assemble, making them ideal for businesses that need to get up and running quickly. The modular nature allows you to expand or modify the layout as your business grows, providing long-term value.

LED Shelf Lighting

Step up the shopping experience in your store with our innovative LED shelf lighting solutions. These lights not only make your products pop but also guide customers through their purchasing journey. The energy-efficient LED technology ensures minimal running costs, making it a sustainable option to add a touch of luxury to your retail environment.

Multiglide Shelving Dividers

Organisation is key in any retail or warehouse environment. Our Multiglide Shelving Dividers are easily adjustable and can be integrated into most of our shelving solutions. They enable you to segment your product range effectively, allowing for a cleaner look and more accessible product retrieval, ultimately enhancing both customer experience and staff productivity.

Gondola Shelving Accessories & Signage

Gondola shelving is versatile, but with the right gondola shelving accessories, you can take its functionality to the next level. We offer a variety of accessories, including hooks, baskets, and dividers, to tailor your shelving units to your specific needs. Additionally, our range of eye-catching signage options can be added to promote special offers or highlight specific brands, making your retail space even more customer-centric.


Why Choose Our Shelving?


Expertise in the Industry

In a market flooded with options, what sets us apart is our wealth of experience. With years of dedicated service in the shelving industry, we have amassed a portfolio that spans various sectors—from retail and hospitality to warehouses and industrial units. This breadth of experience has honed our skills in identifying the unique challenges faced by different industries and crafting solutions that are not just functional but also efficient and effective. When you opt for Shop Supplies, you’re not just buying shelving; you’re investing in a legacy of quality and reliability.

Customer-centric Approach

We understand that every business is distinct, complete with its own challenges, dimensions, and customer behaviours. That’s why we take a consultative approach, allowing us to align our offerings with your specific needs. From the first consultation to after-sales service, our customer service team is trained to guide you through every step. Whether it’s helping you decide between wire and metal shelving or customising a gondola setup to fit your retail space perfectly, we’re committed to ensuring that you find the most effective and efficient shelving solution for your needs.

Durability and Adaptability of Products

In business, change is the only constant. As your business grows and evolves, so too will your shelving needs. This is where the durability and adaptability of our products come into play. Built with high-grade materials and quality craftsmanship, our shelves are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily operations, giving you a long-lasting solution. Additionally, we understand that flexibility is crucial for any growing business, which is why our units are modular and adjustable. Whether you’re adding new product lines, going through a rebrand, or scaling your operations, our shelving systems can be easily adapted to meet your changing needs.


Adaptability in Different Environments


Petrol Station Stores

In the fast-paced environment of petrol station stores, where customers are often in a hurry, the goal is to make the shopping experience as quick and convenient as possible. Our compact shelving solutions are designed precisely for this purpose. They are not just space-efficient but also optimised for showcasing grab-and-go items like snacks, drinks, and car accessories. The streamlined design ensures that products are easily accessible, reducing customer dwell time and improving overall sales.


Supermarkets require shelving that can handle a broad array of items—from canned goods to household appliances. Our heavy-duty gondola shelving is crafted to bear significant weight while providing ample space. Moreover, the shelving is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that products are displayed at eye level to enhance visibility and accessibility, thereby facilitating a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers.

Discount Stores

The psychology of shopping at a discount store is fundamentally impulse-driven. Our wire shelving solutions cater exactly to this consumer behaviour by offering easy visibility and access to products. The open design allows for adequate airflow, reducing dust and making it easier to maintain. Plus, the easy-to-reach design encourages impulse purchases, ultimately driving up your sales.

Gift Shops

In a gift shop, your product presentation can make all the difference. Our LED shelf lighting solutions not only save energy but also make your products pop. From intricate trinkets to unique keepsakes, the lighting makes every item look like a must-have, appealing directly to a shopper’s sense of aesthetic and desire.


Newsagents offer a diverse range of products such as newspapers, magazines, stationery, and sometimes even snacks. Our modular shelving solutions are perfect for such a variety. They can be easily configured to create dedicated spaces for each product type, making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. The adaptability also means you can swiftly change layouts based on sales data or new inventory.


Pharmacies or chemists have unique needs when it comes to shelving. It’s not just about displaying products; it’s also about ensuring the safety and organisation of potentially hazardous items like medicines. Our cool room shelving is perfect for storing temperature-sensitive medications, while our wire shelving can be used to efficiently categorise and display over-the-counter medicines and other health products. The wire design also allows for improved visibility and easy cleaning, making them an excellent choice for maintaining hygiene.

Convenience Stores

Convenience is the name of the game. Our multi-tier shelving solutions are perfect for storing a wide array of items in an organised manner, ensuring quick access for on-the-go customers. From chilled beverages to quick snacks, our shelving systems can accommodate different temperatures and packaging styles.


As mentioned earlier, supermarkets require versatile and heavy-duty shelving to accommodate a vast range of products. Our gondola shelving can be customised to meet these diverse needs, providing both vertical and horizontal space optimisation for an array of products, from grocery to electronics.

Pharmacy Stores

Much like chemists, pharmacies require specific attention to safety and organisation. Our cool room shelving is ideal for temperature-sensitive medications, while our wire shelving provides secure, visible, and accessible storage for other health-related products.

Grocery Stores

In grocery stores, freshness is key. Our wire shelving allows for adequate airflow, making them an excellent choice for produce sections. Moreover, our shelving solutions can accommodate varying weight limits, ideal for anything from canned goods to bulkier items like sacks of rice or pet food.

Clothing Retailers

Presentation is especially crucial in clothing retail. Our adjustable shelving allows you to easily customise your display according to seasonal changes or current fashion trends. Add some of our LED shelf lighting, and you can dramatically enhance the colour and texture of your clothing items.

Jewellery Stores

In a setting where each piece can be of high value, both financially and emotionally, our LED-lit, glass-encased shelving can provide both security and aesthetic appeal. The proper lighting can make jewels sparkle more brightly, capturing the allure and beauty of each piece.

High-end Fashion Boutiques

When selling luxury items, the shopping experience must match the quality of the products. Our premium shelving options come in a variety of sophisticated designs and finishes that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your store, fitting right into the luxury shopping experience.

Electronics Stores

Given the sensitive and often heavy nature of electronics, our durable and secure shelving options are ideal. Features like anti-tip designs and lockable cases can provide extra layers of security, while adjustable heights can accommodate products of varying sizes.

Hardware Stores

From tiny nuts and bolts to heavy-duty tools, hardware stores require a broad range of shelving solutions. Our heavy-duty metal shelving can withstand significant weight, making it perfect for storing bulky items. The easy-to-label system also allows for greater organisation, a must-have in any hardware setting.

Discount and Warehouse Stores

Our bulk shelving solutions are perfect for warehouse-style retailers. Designed to accommodate high volume and high weight, these units maximise floor space and allow for easy inventory management, both critical aspects of discount or warehouse store operations.

Sports Equipment Outlets

Sporting goods can range from small items like tennis balls to large ones like kayaks. Our adaptable and robust shelving units can be configured to handle a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for sports equipment outlets.

Newsagents and Stationers

Organisation is paramount in stores that offer a myriad of small items like pens, papers, and magazines. Our modular shelving can be configured to provide dedicated spaces for each product type, making it easy for customers to locate what they’re looking for.

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