Cable Ties

Our range of heavy duty cable ties is available in natural and black tones, with lengths ranging from 100mm to 292mm. We understand that every retail and commercial space is different, so we make a point to cater to our customers with shops of all sizes. Using plastic cable ties for fastening means you have a secure restraint that can’t be undone without cutting or snapping the tie. Tightness can also be easily adjusted, making cable ties a versatile choice.

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Heavy-duty cable ties are the unsung heroes of any retail space, whether it be commercial or industrial. These handle little things can solve a lot of problems on the fly, providing an affordable and durable solution for your binding needs. Shop Supplies is your go-to source for bulk cable ties for your retail business. We stock a wide variety of colours and sizes at extremely competitive prices, so you will be able to secure almost anything in a neat and subtle way.

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