Dump Baskets

Need an affordable solution for merchandising bulk stock for your customers? Shop Supplies has a fantastic range of dump baskets that fit the bill. Dump bins are a retail saviour, acting as an effective vessel to hold bulk items that you may be looking to clear out. The wire design means that stock is easy to see from the get-go, not to mention collapsible for easy assembly and movement. They also offer the advantage of being able to display larger bulk items that your customers can sift through with their own hands.

These dump bin displays have the built-in advantage of connecting your customer to the product through means of touch and exploration. They allow customers to “find” their product by searching, which establishes a personal connection to the item that can’t be found by simply plucking something off a neatly arranged display on a shelf. If you utilise your dump bins to display an assortment of items, this gives customers the opportunity to hunt for their own hidden gems.

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