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Buy Hooks, Data Strips & Other Accessories For Your Commercial Space

Several kinds of shelving accessories are now available to make the arranging of products to be done in various ways that can be eye-catching and convenient to stack as well. These products are cost-effective and help the customer to make their choices easier. The accessories create ample room for several products to be stacked at one time but provide security to the products.

Data strips for shelves

Data strip gets used to keep the stock well organized to display information about the products stacked on the shelf. They get made to be compatible with the shelving design and provide the customers with vital information in a neat manner.

Flipper hooks

The pegboard holes allow the flipper hooks to slide in and out to arrange to hang sell displays easily, which the customers can find convenient to check the products without effort. These are often also called peg board flipper hooks.

Flipper tickets

These flipper tickets help to distinguish the products as they come in different colours. They can be attached to the hooks and make it easy for the stacking personnel to stack products accurately.

Grid Mesh Panel

Using grid mesh panels allows the retailer to display products in different ways according to their convenience. Grid Mesh Panels are easy to assemble and are cost-effective.

Security Hooks

The security hooks provide safety to the products stored on the shelves. You can customize them as per your choice.To stack the items, there is a requirement for shelf hooks. These help display products better. You can manage your storage systems better with shelves and hooks.

Single Prong Hooks

Shop Supplies offer single prong hooks suitable for volcano back. These help to hang the products as you desire, and you can display many items at the same time without compromising on the space.

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