Floral Display

Whether real or artificial, a burst of colour and nature amongst a scape of products, an entry, or at a point-of-sale counter can add a whole new dimension to your store. Being able to display your beautiful blooms properly is important, which is why Shop Supplies offers a concise selection of floral display buckets. With both silver buckets for flowers and plastic bucket liners for sale, our options are a stylish and safe way to show off your bouquets.

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While the clean and crisp look of a metal bucket is perfect for showcasing your artificial blooms, you may be concerned about rusting when your fresh flowers are sitting in water. Not to worry – our plastic bucket liners sit neatly inside the bucket, offering a water-resistant and easy-to-clean solution to your problem. So whether you need it as flower shop display equipment or you’re just sprucing up your retail space, we have options for you.

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