COVID-19 has started new revolutions in terms of human interactions. All the things that seemed normal ever since are now questioned whether they are safe or not. Several things are newly introduced to prevent the spread of the virus.

This introduction to the new routine is experimental for all of us. All of a sudden embracing new essentials and making them an integral part of our lives is not easy. However, Shop Supplies has brought before you some of the essential needs in this pandemic at your doorsteps.

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We understand your requirement for these COVID-19 safety products at the earliest to protect yourself and your family. The safety products that Shop Supplies serve you are listed below:

  1.  Countertops- Countertops are meant to block the germs that might get transmitted through the air or contact. To prevent this in workplaces these shields are used.
  2.  Sanitizer dispenser- Synchronized with our sanitizer holder you get standard dispenser and premium dispenser bottles here.
  3.  Barrier post with rectangular belts-Barrier Posts are used to block excess people from gathering. These posts are convenient to use. The belts are long enough to stretch a considerable length.
  4.  3D brochures holder-3D Brochure holders are to keep brochures or other information templates.
  5.  Floor decals: The floor decals are stickers that are pasted on the floors to indicate the amount of distance to be maintained between two customers, in a queue. We have circular and rectangular shaped decals in the sale.
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