How to Choose the Right Cool Room Shelving

Cool rooms are a lifesaver for all Australian businesses dealings with perishable products. Space-saving and easy to access, cool room shelving is the best way to stock large quantities of temperature-sensitive products in an orderly fashion.

Are you on the market for new cool room shelving units and don’t know where to start? Read on to know what to keep in mind when buying cool room shelving for your business.

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Not all shelves are born equal

If you are thinking you can save money and time by repurposing old, unused shelves, think again. Unlike normal shelving, cool room shelving structures must remain unaffected by temperature changes. These shelving units are made out of materials that don’t contract or expand as the degrees vary and are rust-resistant. Antioxidant aluminium, galvanised iron, and zinc-plated steel are some of the most popular options for all types of wares.

Value quality over all else

Running a business is an expensive enterprise, so it’s not only normal but indispensable to save money where possible. Cool room shelving is not one of those areas, though. It’s crucial that you invest in top-quality cool room shelves that are heavy-duty, durable and fit for purpose. If your shelving unit collapses under the weight of your stock, it can harm your personnel and damage your products. An unsuitable cool room storage solution could develop rust or harbour germs and bacteria that contaminate your produce. Invest in quality today and save down the line.

Start with shelf-awareness

When choosing the actual shelving unit, the first thing to consider is its intended use. Who will access the cool room, and what do you need to store on your shelving structure? Are you a supermarket needing deep and wide shelves for storing bulky frozen food boxes before displaying it in store? Or do you run a laboratory and need numerous shallow shelves for your samples? Other factors to think about are the size of your products, accessibility requirements and your industry’s health and safety regulations, which we touch on in more detail later on.

Be cool-room smart

Don’t underestimate the importance of good-quality shelving to keep your cool room in tip-top shape. Shelving racks allow you to organise your stock and make cleaning the space easier. What’s more, the right size shelving will maximise your space and ensure your wares are kept at the right temperature. Open racks are best to avoid warm air pockets which make your cool room less efficient and more expensive to run. A corrosion-resistant cool room rack is a must to keep your cool room’s interiors rust-free.

Food-safety trumps all

If you operate in the food industry, you know there’s no wiggle room when it comes to perishable product storage. Buy cool room shelving units that are waterproof, food-graded and easy to sanitise so you can keep rust, germs and bacteria far away from your perishables. To decide on the dimensions and number of shelves you need, think about the volume of raw and prepped foods your business handles on its busiest days, as well as the medium to long-term plans you have for the establishment.

Meet your industry’s regulations

Businesses that don’t deal with perishable foods still have stringent government health and safety requirements. You might need to have the temperature exactly right to the decimals at all times. Or your cool room shelving bolted in place for safe stacking. Familiarise yourself with your industry’s operational standards before making a choice and buy a product that is suitable for your business.

Don’t lose sleep over cool room shelving dilemmas

Still lost in a sea of shelves? Unsure of which products are right for your industry? Need help maximising the layout of your cool room? Then ask the experts for help! No one knows more about cool room shelving than our Shop Supplies customer service representatives. Friendly and ready to answer all your questions, we are just a call or message away. Get in touch with us today, and let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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