How Effective Are Brochures?

With such a shift in focus to digital marketing, it can seem like more old-school print methods like brochures and flyers are falling by the wayside. We’re here to argue the case that print marketing is far from redundant — in fact, it can add a whole new level of value to your business. We’re here to talk you through the benefits of brochures and leaflets, as well as allay some common concerns about the medium in this modern age.

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What are the benefits of using brochures?

We’re certainly not denying the value of digital avenues in your business marketing strategy — this is just an example of some of the many advantages that print media can afford you. 


Perhaps the biggest benefit of print marketing is the fact that it’s cheaper than its digital counterpart. Paid online advertising works on a model of competitive rankings, which can drive prices up in an oversaturated market — those cost-per-click figures can start to skyrocket. In contrast, brochures have a fixed price, so you know upfront what costs you are in for. Print services are usually discounted by volume as well, meaning the more you order, the less you pay — ideal for letterbox drop campaigns or exhibitions. 


As we just touched on, brochures can be used for a number of purposes and in a number of locations to get your messaging across. Whether they are part of a dynamic display at a trade show or exhibition, brochures provide a tangible reminder of your products and services. They can also be posted as part of a targeted marketing campaign, distributed within your store or even left in waiting rooms for perusal.


n the age of social media scrolling and endless information, our attention spans have certainly taken a bit of a dive. With printed material, there is a physical selection of information in front of you that is able to be dissected and focused on. Brochures can contain plenty of compelling information and images within their pages. Even a simple tri-fold design brochure has five useful pages (in addition to the cover), giving you ample space to explain, promote and showcase your products and services. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Text, images, graphs, maps … the world is your oyster when it comes to the layout of your brochure! A well-designed brochure combines information with aesthetics to create a dynamic experience for the reader. Brochures also have the benefit of consistency — while a webpage may look different from screen to screen, your brochure design remains the same if you enlist the services of a quality printer. 

How do I track the success of my brochures?

While modern marketing campaigns seem to be all about clicks, conversions and website traffic, there is still measurable value in print marketing. From versatility to visual appeal, here are some of the top reasons you should invest in brochures, flyers and leaflets for your business.

Coupons and vouchers

Discounts are one of the biggest drawcards for consumers when it comes to leaflets, flyers and brochures. Using a unique code for voucher redemption can help you keep track of where your customers are coming from, whether it’s over the phone or online.

QR codes

QR codes are the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of digital marketing with the practical benefits of print. A QR code makes it easy to link customers to an online platform from your brochure or leaflet. You can point people directly to a specific product page, an instructional video or an email sign-up form to boost your subscriber base. Whatever action you want people to take, measuring success is easy with QR codes.

Mail-order forms

Hear us out — this may sound old-fashioned, but paper forms can still be an effective method for certain demographics. Granted, a mail-order approach will only work for certain niches, so it’s important to do some research and determine if your products are a good fit. 

Ask your customers

This is another example of print and digital marketing working together. If you have a section on your website or social media that asks customers how they heard about your business, add your print materials as an option. This provides another channel for you to track the effectiveness of your print marketing efforts.

Put your best flyer forward

To give your printed marketing materials the best shot at being noticed and picked up, you should put ample effort into displaying them properly. Shop Supplies has a wide variety of display options, from brochure stands to sit front-and-centre at your checkout counter to clear acrylic sign holders for easily interchangeable messaging.

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