There are a lot of small businesses which can learn from well-established celebrated retail brands when it comes to creating a high-performing retail store. Not only do effective retail brands focus on their stores’ visual merchandising (which is sure a key contributor of retail success), but they also invest time and effort in small details such as store scent, sound and sight.

 Let’s take a good look into small elements that leave a great impact on your retail store conversion and sales. You can leverage these elements combined with others including the likes of visual merchandising strategy, store layout, signage ad displays.


Ever wondered why those advertisements of fashion clothing and beauty products always include beautiful, perfect-figure models?

Because having a model with beautiful aesthetic appearance and attractive physique next to a product helps it sell even if the product doesn’t concern with physical beauty.

Consumers are naturally attracted to beautiful things. By using idealised images and beautiful models, advertisers seek to persuade people to believe they might improve themselves and look perfect like those models with their own appearance if they use the advertised products.

The presence of good looking models in an ad makes the product being advertised more appealing and desirable. Make sure you’re are marketing your ads in the right way so as to create better customer engagement without evoking any negative around your band.


When it comes to optimising a retail store for high productivity and customer engagement, there are varied aspects to consider including lighting, window displays, store layout and theme and in-store music isn’t given much or say any attention by the retailers.

Considering the fact that as consumers we ourselves would not think much about the music playing in the background of a retail store or restaurant we enter, we can’t really blame retailers for ignoring in-store sound and music.

But the truth is while consumers don’t care about the music being played in the retail environment they are around or would just sing along if they know the music, music is doing its job in the back of consumers’ mind.

Music is known to help human beings self-regulate their emotions and feelings and affect our moods and physical activity by reducing or increasing our heart rate.  That said, music tempo has a significant impact on customer buying behaviour. Retailers ca use music strategically to speed customers up or slow them down and send more money.

Slow-tempo music triggers relaxation and encourages shoppers to spend more time in a retail setting and ultimately spend more on merchandise

Another thing to consider when choosing music for your store is your target audience and the popularity of music with your target consumers. While younger people like loud music and can withstand it for longer, old people can easily get frustrated with loud volume and music. Choosing the sort of music that doesn’t match your audience’s interest can backfire and ruin your marketing efforts.


SMELL GOODIn general, retailers would assume that consumers hardly heed what a store smells like or how it makes them feel. However, you might be surprised to learn that use of scents can have a direct yet significant impact on your retail store sales and profitability.

According to research, human beings can remember and distinguish over 10,000 different odours that can trigger specific emotions and memories. There have also been several studies that showed different scents have distinct effects on people’s mood and state of mind.

For instance, lavender has been proved to reduce anxiety and ease stress whereas vanilla is believed to have a comforting and calming effect on the mind.  Also, use of certain ambient air scents induce people to browse and linger longer in retail environments and shop more than they intended when they first entered the store.

For example, incorporating scents like vanilla into a clothing store has shown a significant increase in women’s clothing sales. Using scents like rose maroc on the other hand has left a positive impact on men’s sale.

Though adding varied scents and aromas to a retail environment can increase sales to a great extent, it is important to find the right ways to incorporate scent into your retail environment and marketing efforts. Consider working with scent marketing experts to create an effective sensory experience for your store visitors and affect their purchase decision to your advantage.


So, by now, you have realised the significance of lighting, sound, smell and colours and how they contribute to the success of you retail store. But if you don’t have good visual merchandising knowledge and skills those with minimal visual merchandising knowledge and skills, you must be thinking how to manipulate sight, smell, scent and lighting to attract prospects and consumers while triggering customer engagement.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself that help you find the answer to the aforementioned question.

  • Does your merchandise or marketing imagery reflect your brand or convey your business ideas to your target audiences?
  • Does your store currently have a brand specific scent? Is there a particular scent you wish your store to smell like? If so, what vibes and emotions do you want to evoke through your branded scent?
  • What kind of music currently plays in your store? Are you targeting a youthful audience or a more mature consumer segment? Does your playlist include the kind of music that your targeted audience takes interest in?

Your answers to these questions will sure provide you enough insights to get started. Remember that there’s science to optimising the in-store lighting, music, colours and scent in a way that creates a sort of shopping experience your consumers seek

We recommend you seek professional assistance to leverage your in-store lighting, scent, colours and sound in the best way possible. A professional will offer valuable advice and researched and tested techniques to help convert your retail store into a high-performing brick-and-mortar business.

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