Here’s How You Can Enhance Shelving Using Data Strips

The concept of shelving has been more popular and efficient in supermarkets. It involves constructing shelves and displaying products which draw in more visitors to the supermarket. Data stripping is the act of segmenting the products logically according to the theme of the store. These strips are made up of plastic usually and are quite durable. This strategy has been pretty effective for a very long time and is now being adopted in digital marketing as well.

Shelving has enhanced visual merchandising and endorsement of a product with feasible investment. It also influences the layout of the building itself. The number of shelves can determine the number of customers, especially during special situations like a pandemic. In terms of investment, data strips can be very nominal making it an affordable option of marketing in stores. There are more options that can display the rate, offer and barcode of the products.

Let’s look into some ways of using this technique in the market to increase sales:

1. Shelving during the pandemic

Due to the on-going COVID 19 pandemic, new legislation has come to place. The most important change during this time period would be social distancing. This applies to the things we arrange in a shop as well. Furthermore, hand sanitisers should be kept near shelves spaced at equal intervals. This facilitates customers to shop conveniently without having to worry about hand hygiene.

2. Expansion of pathway

While keeping up with the social distancing norms, customers need adequate space to walk inside the market. Hence the number of data strips should be distantly making way for the customers. A Narrow pathway with more data strips can cause congestion and overcrowding. Floor stickers can also aid to maintain social distancing.

3. Manage demands

Whichever product has the highest demand needs to be shelved in the front. This is one of the most practised and logical strategies in shelving because that’s what people basically look for. Apart from demands, the ones with a fashionable or attractive appearance or packaging can also draw more customers because it can definitely intrigue a set of people.

4. Smart shelving

Vertical shelving is more efficient than horizontal shelving. It can save more space for pathways without compromising on the number of products stored. However, for certain customers reaching for the item may be difficult as the height of the shelf increases.

5. Window display shelves

This can advertise more products and is easily visible to the people outside the store. Sometimes, shops get paid by certain product company owners to promote theirs through window display shelving.

6. Spacing between data strips

The space between two rows should be adequate to let the items comfortably rest on the shelf. The products should not be compressed because it might start falling down when a customer wants to pick one of them from the rack.  It is best to invest in shop fittings by shop supplies.

Hope these tips help organize and use shelving better.

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