Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

What is Gondola Shelving: a self-supporting fixture to display or stock up goods, products and store commodities where you can use wide assortment of accessories with!

Why Gondola Shelving:it is generally the typical workhorse for most merchandisers due to its flexibility, size variety, cost effectiveness and durability.

Who are Gondola Shelving Users:Gondola Shelving is convenient to use not only in your business or store to display and stock up but also at offices to hoard and keep along with your home utility storage space to reserve.

  •     Gondola Shelving For Supermarkets
  •     Gondola Shelving For Departmental Stores
  •     Gondola Shelving For  Pharmacies
  •     Gondola Shelving For Storerooms
  •     Gondola Shelving For Showrooms
  •     Gondola Shelving For Offices
  •     Gondola Shelving For Sporting products shops
  •     Gondola Shelving For Pet Shops
  •     Gondola Shelving For Residential Storage / Utility Rooms

Uniqueness: As a business proprietor, hoarding is one of gondola most significant distinction.  Gondola shelving holds 120 to 160kg loading capacity per layer. Sales’ results are directly affected not only be the product nature instead by the product presentation; which Gondola Shelving facilitates vertically and horizontally that makes you optimally use the available space.

Exhibit and Present:

  • Some Gondola Shelving are free-standing units that are usually two-sided and self-supporting, suited for centered spots (main display) in the area or suits a residential / utility room.
  • Whereby wall units as they are one-sided with a flat back pushed to a wall is also available to guarantee an unclouded display.
  • On the other hand, End Caps are gondola units that are located perpendicular to an aisle of two-sided or wall shelves to make the most of space.
  • Usually, gondola shelving does not have sides, which facilitates feasibility of long items to lay horizontally on the shelves with no beams’ barrier!
  • For hanging products, gondola shelves have holes so that hooks, baskets and pegs can be positioned.

Durability: Gondola shelves are very heavy-duty and longevity.  The materials of the manufacturing of the shelves are capable to hold heavy and bulky weights.

Space-taken: Many stores don’t utilize their available space with the exception of having gondola shelving that enables them to have the utmost storage / display possible. Making space looks neat and efficient!

Flexible and Mobile: You can change the shelves positions quickly and easily with gondola freestanding wire rack displays and the hand ‘pick and move’ options

Make it Close-up: The mobility of the shelving allows the racks to arrange to diverse depths horizontally to have an easy access.

Cost-saving:Gondola Shelves are the most reasonably priced storage option and they don’t need any maintenance due to their simple and convenient usage.

Unchallenging to convene and deconstruct:Gondola Shelving is very easy to install, it is a self-assembly product and reconstructive as needed!

Variety:Gondola Shelving is available in wide range of heights, widths, lengths, colours and structure materials.

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