A Retailers Guide to Strategic Shop fitting and Retail Displays

Given that we live in a highly visual world, the appearance of a retail store has quite an impact on the customer entering the store and their purchase decisions.

How your retail store looks is as crucial as the quality of service or products you offer. Because you might be having the finest range of products on offer at the most competent rates, but none of it matters if there are no customers walking through the entryway.

Having said that, it is important for retailers to put in time and effort into visual merchandising of their store and make the in-store ambience appealing and customer-friendly.

When it comes to luring and encouraging customers, shop fittings including display systems, shelving and lighting are of paramount importance. These elements are significant because they help you create a unique setting of your retail store that people are able to easily recognise.

To understand how each of these elements affects your retail sales and traffic, let’s take a look at these shop fittings in detail.

Let Your Displays Communicate With the Customer

Store atmosphere including the physical characteristic of a retail store has a lot to do with customer engagement. A clean, organised and compelling retail setting contributes to a great customer experience. And to pull off an effective store layout, it is imperative to make your displays stand out.

In order for customers to linger around for longer and notice as many merchandise as possible, it is required that displays are intriguing and well-though out. What kind of shelving units and systems you choose to display your merchandise will have a direct impact on the level of customer engagement and customer’s purchase decisions. The right displays systems will not only help you show off merchandise in general but highlight new arrivals effectively, promote slow-moving items and announce a sale.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your display systems.

  • Keep displays fixtures clean and tidy while eliminating clutter around shelving. Dust shelves on a daily basis.
  • Keep displays organised and promptly relocate merchandise to their original place if out of place.
  • No matter how modern or trendy your retail shelving, customers will likely lose interest after a while. It is crucial that you update displays and regularly. Adjustable retail shelving allows for easy and quick update. With adjustable units, you can instantly spruce up your existing display theme or product arrangement for better sales.
  • Keep the most important items, exclusive offerings, premium products or anything you need to get sold fast, at eye level for customers to easily notice.
  • Utilise free standing units to make the most out of your retail space and create a customer-friendly pathway in your store. A cleaner and organised space will go a long way to engage customers and encourage them to spend more.
  • Pay heed to the placement of shelving, cabinets, sales counters and other shop fittings. Your shelving units should be place in a way that shoppers are able to see each item and access every part of the display without any obstruction.

Light it up

Appropriate lighting can make your displays stand out and appeal to customers effectively. Besides drawing shopper’s attention to required products or displays, the right light fixtures help improve the overall atmosphere of your retail store.

Cheap, utilitarian lights, on the other hand, can diminish the visual interest of merchandise. So, it makes sense to invest in decent, top-quality lighting even if expensive and illuminate displays elegantly.

Retail store lighting can be categorised into four types; Task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Stated below are tips to leverage these lighting types to highlight your merchandise and create an illuminated yet attractive retail space.

  • Task lighting is for gloomy areas of the store that call for more light in order to perform certain operations. These fixtures can be installed at the store entrance, dressing rooms, customer service desk and checkout area.
  • Being the main light source of the entire store, ambient lighting ensures that your store is well lit and customers have adequate brightness to make their way around.
  • Accent lighting is used to highlight specific displays, merchandise and areas in your store. You can use these light fixtures to draw focus to special products, new arrivals, sale or discounted items. Incorporating them above window displays provides added visual emphasis and customer attention.
  • As the name suggests, decorative light fixtures serve the sole purpose of adding elegance and sophistication to your store. Custom light fixtures, chandeliers and designer pendant lights are commonly used decorative lighting.
  • Be careful about colour temperature and the colour rendering index rating (CRI) which affect both perception and experience of the customer.
  • Although not a lighting fixture technically, mirrors provides a cost effective yet fruitful way to reflect available light and brighten up your retail store.
  • While illuminating your display and retail space, make sure your lights don’t make customers feel uncomfortable. Install light fixtures thoughtfully. For instance, you don’t want to use incandescent light bulbs around lower ceilings as they produce most heat. Likewise, LEDs are the coolest and fluorescent lights produce moderate heat.

Final Word

Retail fit outs are much more than just display systems and shelving units utilised to store and showcase merchandise in a retail setting. When chosen and incorporated thoughtfully, shop fittings can communicate with the customers and put the store’s merchandise in a good light.

Being one of the trusted suppliers of high quality shop fittings in New South Wales, Shop Supplies aims at providing retailers across Australia with the type of retail fit outs they need to merchandise their products in the best way possible. From sophisticated glass showcases to heavy duty gondola shelves to portable clothing racks, display tables and counter spinners, our shelving shop carries a comprehensive assortment of shop fixtures and display units that serve as cost-effective means to show off products and engage customers.

Remember that first impressions are important and you never get a second chance to make one. Taking cure from the tips mentioned above, make the most out our shop fittings and displays to influence the purchase decision of your customers and boost your sales.

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