8 Practical Shelving Ideas for Small Stores

If you’re a shop owner of a small store, you understand the challenges that come with a compact space. When it comes to shelving units for small stores, you have to be savvy and develop ways to best display your products without overwhelming the space. With these nifty storage solutions at the ready, the typical shelving cost for a small store can be much lower than you may think! If you don’t know where to start, don’t panic here are 8 shelving ideas for small stores that will help you make the most of what you’ve got. 

If you’re wondering how to create a space-saving display in your shop, one of the easiest shelving ideas for small stores is hanging shelves. This shelving solution is low cost and requires a minimal amount of intervention. Simply install hooks to the ceiling and hang suspended shelves with rope or something similar. Not only does this storage solution look trendy, but it is also easily customisable. 

Wooden crates are another great shelving solution if you have a small store and are looking to save money. Recycle apple crates, wine crates, or any crates you find, then mount them on walls or store them under pre-existing shelves to make the most out of your minimal space. 

Depending on what you’re selling, ladders can be a great way to display your items without taking up too much precious space. Purchase a simple ladder and use its rungs to display brochures, scarves or necklaces the options are endless if you get creative!

Never underestimate the power of shelving accessories to liven up your shop space and provide nifty shelving solutions simultaneously. You can use accessories such as wire baskets or acrylic bins to widen the scope of what you put on shop display shelving. These items are great for displaying small packaged merchandise.

One of the go-to shelving solutions for small stores, slatwall panels are versatile, space-efficient and look the part. Install a slatwall on one wall or various walls within your store. Whilst this may incur some initial costs, it’s a wise investment the wall is perfect for mounting detachable components such as brackets and is easy to remove. If you have a narrow shop space, slatwall panels will also help make the store appear larger. 

For a flexible storage solution that also looks great in your small shop space, try suspended bars. Instead of a shelf, install bars so you can place products on hangers, hooks, or drape them over the bars. Perfect for stores selling clothing, you can stock these bars to the brim if that’s the style you’re going for! 

For stores selling small items that deserve front-and-centre display, consider mini boxes. Mount small glass boxes onto the wall of your store, and simultaneously display certain items, such as sunglasses or jewellery, to create a stylish, focal display concept. Highlight your top sellers and be the talk of the town!

A wall storage classic for homes and shops alike, invisible shelves are one of the original shelving solutions and show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. Super affordable, these shelves are practical, blend into any decor, are available in various sizes, and can be combined to accentuate any wall depending on your products.

Choosing effective types of retail shop shelving that suit your store is essential for making the shopping experience easy and comfortable, whilst also giving you the best shot at selling your products. If you own a small shop, consider the size of your store, your products, and your customers’ needs to pick the right shelving solutions that will help maximise your shop space.

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